Look through our transition challenge grid, how many of these can you complete before September?

If you complete a challenge send it to year6transition@robertsutton.staffs.sch.uk as we will be creating a display of all your amazing work at school ready for when you start, it might also be used for the Transition Happy Bulletin.

Student Blog:
Write a blog, of no more than 500 words, about how you got on during lock down. It could be about what you enjoyed or what you found challenging or even about something new you learnt.
Magic Trick:
Film yourself doing a magic trick. Check out Miss Scott, Year Leader for current year 8s, doing her magic trick:
Positive Quotes:
Find a quote that you like and create a piece of art work that represents it. This is an example from a year 6 pupil:
Story Writing:
Write a short story about how you imagine your first day at BRS to be like.
Jars Activity:
Draw four Jars. In each Jar write:
– Your dreams for your future
– Your current emotions about joining BRS
– Your worries
– What you are looking forward to
Who Am I?
Create a collage that represents you.You might use photos, pictures from magazine or from the internet.Try and include things that will help us get to know you.
Find your way around:
Watch the virtual tour and check out the school map in preparation for September.
Virtual Tour
Transition subject work:
Try some of the transition work from the different departments.
Transition Work
Book Review:
We love reading at BRS.
Pick your favourite book and write a review on it.Give a little bit of information on the tory, but no spoilers, and why you like it.
Love Learning?
Pick any topic that you enjoy. It could be a band, a famous person from history, a hobby…anything.
Write a one page profile all about it.
Try and be creative.
Student Questionnaire:
Complete the student questionnaire which tells us who your friends are and fill out if you have any questions.
Year 6 Student Questionnaire
Staff Videos:
Watch our staff videos so you can get to know all the different members of staff you will be working with in September.
Staff Videos