Our Special Educational Needs (SEN) policy is available on the School Policies & Standards section.

Blessed Robert Sutton has 700 students on roll.

A period of change

In September 2014 a New SEND Code of Practice became law, replacing previous legislation.

The New Code of Practice describes four broad categories of need:

  1. Communication and Interaction
  2. Cognition and Learning
  3. Social, Mental and Emotional Health
  4. Sensory and/or Physical

Local Authorities are now working on a 3 year cycle to fully implement the changes.  We work closely with our main Local Authorities, Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

Our focus is on the inclusion of students with special needs in the mainstream classroom, moving away from students being withdrawn from lessons on a regular basis.

Initial concerns expressed by staff, students and parents, will usually be addressed by Form and Subject staff with advice from Learning Support staff as appropriate.  If initial support actions prove insufficient, further consultation with students, parents, teachers and Learning Support staff will take place to develop individual strategies and targets appropriate to the student’s needs: ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review.’

All staff work together with students and parents to ensure that all students reach their full potential.
Exam concessions can be applied for and provided if a student fulfils the criteria e.g. 25% extra time, a reader, a scribe, a small room and use of a word processor.
Sensitive pastoral care, support and counselling are provided where appropriate.  Learning Support work closely with Su Rowe and Louise Tarry who monitor attendance and welfare.
A SEND Register is kept of students experiencing difficulties so that all staff are aware of their needs and can refer to the Department for advice.  At the present time around 122 students are monitored by the Department. Liaison with parents and carers is an integral part of this process and we welcome your interest and support.  We are all in partnership to provide the best for your son or daughter.

Staffing for 2018 – 2019 for
General Learning Support Provision and for students with Statements, Education, Health and Care Plans or Person Center

We also work closely with our EAL Coordinator, Magda Kupczak and Pupil Premium Co-ordinator, Sue Smith.

Close links are also maintained with our Partner Junior Schools and with outside agencies.  E.g. Educational and Clinical Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Autism Outreach, School Doctor, School Nurse, Educational Welfare Officer and the Careers’ Service.



Multi-Professional Assessment:  Statement, EHCP or Person Centred Plan.

10 students in the school have a Statement or an EHCP, which are renewed annually. These students have physical, behavioural and learning difficulties.  Current Statements are gradually being phased out and replaced by Education and Healthcare Plans under the new legislation.  Local Authorities have had 3 years to complete this. Some students are not converted to EHC Plans and are instead given a person Centred Plan which comes with no extra funding.


General Support in KS3

Where staffing permits, we concentrate on support across the curriculum.  Some students study only 1 foreign language using the time gained to do extra Literacy and Numeracy, Careers and Life Skills work.Students with Statements, EHCPs or PCPs are given help across the curriculum in as many different areas as possible.  Some students are withdrawn in small groups to work on their own individual programme.

Years 10 and 11

Help is focused on GCSE work.  Some Students study one less subject on the curriculum and follow an alternative curriculum to support their studies and Post 16 preparation.  During these periods they can also receive help with all their other subjects.  The aim is to enable them to meet their targets and achieve their potential. At half-term, when students have had a chance to fully settle in, we review the provision we have made and alter it accordingly.  If we feel students are in need of more help we increase the help available or reduce help for those who are coping and achieving.  From October to July we review the cover regularly so that the Learning Support provision can be a flexible one where support can be increased or withdrawn where appropriate as students become more independent. The Learning Support room and office provide the base for Learning Support at Robert Sutton for both resources and teaching facilities.

Help Available Outside of Lesson Time Everyday – details of additional support is available here.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any queries:

Telephone:  01283 749467
Email:  laura.wilson@robertsutton.staffs.sch.uk

SEN Local Offer:

Staffordshire : https://www.staffordshireconnects.info/kb5/staffordshire/directory/home.page
Derbyshire: https://localoffer.derbyshire.gov.uk/#!/directory
Leicestershire: https://www.leicestershire.gov.uk/education-and-children/special-educational-needs-and-disability


Mrs Laura Wilson
Acting Associate Assistant Headteacher