Remembrance Production – November 2018

AM – “Students from year 7 through to year 13 were involved in what was described as a very emotional and moving production to commemorate remembrance this year.  The quality of acting was breath taking and showed off the enormous talent that we have here at Robert Sutton school. It was my pleasure and privilege to work with such an incredible group of students who put their absolute all into the performance. It was also lovely that so many of our students watching, complimented the cast and were moved to tears by the performance. A massive well done to all involved.”

Mrs McDowall,
Head of Year 10 & 11

AS – “During Remembrance Week a cast of 30 pupils presented a one hour Drama Performance based on the First World War to each Year Group.

The Performance focused on the dilemma between family and national loyalty. The cast brilliantly showed the crushing effect of the war on families and both the honour and the futility of war. During the Performance poems were read, songs sung and war footage used.

The power of the content and the quality of the performances made the drama memorable and for many emotionally overpowering. Many of the pupils, parents and guests had tears in their eyes as they left the Hall, due to impact of the drama they had witnessed.

The school is proud of and indebted to the cast of performers and to Mrs McDowall who prepared and directed this memorable performance.

Speaking with the cast i know that not only were they touched by the content of the performance, but they also developed in confidence, teamwork and  resilience during the rehearsals and performers.

Thank you and congratulations to you all.”

Mr Smith,