We strive to develop a partnership with our families and parishes, which together educate, challenge and empower students in Faith, based on the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit, expressed and evident in our daily actions.

We communicate our Faith through love, prayer, reconciliation and celebration.  Our aim is to unlock the full potential of every member of the school, by providing them with the opportunity to achieve excellence as moral learners, leaders and Disciples of Christ through service to God, each other, and the community.

Who we are and what we aim to achieve

The school is part of the Nottingham Diocese but also has strong links with the Archdiocese of Birmingham.  Our aim is to support parents in giving their children a Catholic education so that they may lead fulfilled lives which promote the common good of society.

By Catholic education we mean that every aspect of school life is permeated by our belief as a school community:

  • In a loving God, as revealed by Jesus Christ.
  • That all persons are sacred, because each is made in the image of God and is therefore deserving of respect.
  • That all are entitled to justice to be given the opportunity to develop fully as persons.
  • That our school shares in the mission of the Catholic Church to educate and nurture in the faith, prayer, the Eucharist and our liturgical celebrations have a central role in the life and work of the school community.

The creation of a warm atmosphere based on caring relationships, is encouraged and every assistance is given in helping students to be of a real service to that family, community, the Church and society, and to be gracious and open in receiving support in return.


School Prayer

 We ask you Lord to be with all students and staff throughout the day.

Give us all the courage we need to live out the Gospel message and fill us with

determination and courage to treat others as we would like to be treated. 

Allow us the strength to show respect and consideration and to celebrate

individually whilst building a loving community for all. 

Help us support one another in using our talents and abilities and grant us the gift of forgiveness as we grow stronger in your love.