Lay Chaplain’s Catholic Life Blog – End of Year Edition

Will Cruddace, Lay Chaplain
Will Cruddace
(Lay Chaplain for Burton-on-Trent and Swadlincote)

Welcome to End of Year Edition of the Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic Life Blog by Will Cruddace, Lay Chaplain for Burton-on-Trent and Swadlincote.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am Will Cruddace, Lay Chaplain for Blessed Robert Sutton, Holy Rosary and St Edward’s Catholic schools. As part of my job role, I also represent the local parish with Fr Neil Peoples.


“I have come so that you may have life – life in all its fullness”John 10:10

As we come to the end of our academic year, this piece of scripture might seem like a strange choice given the global pandemic we are currently all in the middle of – but hear me out! Looking at the past year, the challenges the Coronavirus has put on communities big and small all over the world are undeniable. The pandemic has affected everyone differently; some people will have seen this as a great opportunity to spend time with families and rest from their hectic lives, whereas for others it will have been a time of great loss, isolation and uncertainty.

The first half of our academic year saw a time of great growth in our Catholic Life as a school – starting regular Acts of Worship, a Chaplaincy Team and embedding the ‘Sutton Way’ to support opportunities for faith in school. Our students donated hundreds of items of food and clothing to local charities, we had our first Whole School Mass with our new parish priest Fr Neil, and you could really feel the Catholicity of our school alive. 

Then the pandemic came… usually in a time like this you would expect things to start to struggle here, and yet when our school experience went online, the joy could still be found there. Through the responses to Art challenges, Sports challenges and the engagement in our daily themes, I felt personally inspired by our young people. They showed that even when things are strange, there is still the opportunity to have life in all its fullness. They had the hope of Christ and lived life in all its fullness, whether they were people relaxing and spending time with families, or were suffering loss, isolation and uncertainty. They were true witnesses of John 10:10. It reminded me of a Dumbledore quote, “Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

So as we enter the summer holidays let’s rejoice in our achievements over the year and try to be like the students of Blessed Robert Sutton, alive in God’s love and making the most of every opportunity we get! With Christ, we always have that option.

“I have come so that you may have life- life in all its fullness” John 10:10

I hope you have a wonderful and restful summer, stay safe.

Will Cruddace
Lay Chaplain for Burton on Trent and Swadlincote.

What we’ve been up to…

Burton and Swadlincote School Communities Mass

Our school has joined together with Fr Neil and the school communities of Holy Rosary Primary, Winshill and St. Edwards Primary, Swadlincote to celebrate the end of our academic year with Mass. The Mass featured readings and prayers read by staff and students from each school, and music led by Mr Brogan and Mr Miller from Holy Rosary. If you would like to watch the Mass it can be found here: 

Year Leader Acts of Worship

Our Year Leaders have been delivering virtual Acts of Worship to our students in recent weeks, if you missed them you can catch them here:

BRS Lourdes Pilgrimage

For the last week of term (when some of us were supposed to be  in Lourdes!), Miss Scott set the school the challenge to walk the distance to Lourdes and it will be continuing over the Summer break. Keep sending your distances to Miss Scott via email. Check out the school social media for updates.