Lay Chaplain’s Catholic Life Blog – Edition 5

Will Cruddace, Lay Chaplain
Will Cruddace
(Lay Chaplain for Burton-on-Trent and Swadlincote)

Welcome to Edition 5 of the Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic Life Blog by Will Cruddace, Lay Chaplain for Burton-on-Trent and Swadlincote.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am Will Cruddace, Lay Chaplain for Blessed Robert Sutton, Holy Rosary and St Edward’s Catholic schools. As part of my job role, I also represent the local parish with Fr Neil Peoples.

Reflection on ‘Theme of the Week’: Care

From now on, our reflection will be being written by a different member of our community each week. This week Mrs Talbot, School Secretary & Clerk to Governors, shared with us her reflection on the theme of the week, ‘care’.

What is Care? To look after and provide for the needs of.  This can be care of a child, an adult, or any of God’s creatures.  It can also mean taking care of yourself – your health; or taking care of your environment – your home, neighbourhood etc.

How do I experience Care? My family, friends and work colleagues show me care every day.  They show their care by always being there for me when I need them – in happy times and in sad times.  They show their care by taking on some of my workload, making me hot drinks and making me laugh every day.  My mother-in-law was recently in hospital and the paramedics, doctors, nurses and other staff all showed her care.  She now receives wonderful care at home with carers coming in four times a day to make sure she is able to get out of bed, wash, eat etc.   I experience God’s care every day.  I feel his presence in all that I do, whether that be in school, in prayer or when I attend Mass.

How can we show care in our school? If we see a student struggling to make friends, being bullied, or a student that is shy or not in the ‘in crowd’, or that eats lunch on their own.  We can care for them by saying “Hi”, smile at them, ask if we can eat with them and include them in an activity.  You never know what they are facing inside or outside of school, and our care and kindness will make a difference.

If a student is upset for whatever reason, they can go to any number of rooms/offices where they can feel safe, able to calm down and to have a chat with a member of staff.  Also if a student’s parent/carer is having a difficult time and is struggling, there are many members of staff here that show their care by listening to them and offering them support. If we see a colleague struggling for whatever reason we can show our care by taking on some of their workload, offer them a drink or something to eat, be a good listener and give help whenever it is needed.

Feedback on the Act of Worship this week:

Jesus feeds five thousand (Luke 9: 12-17)​

Late in the afternoon the twelve apostles came to Jesus and said, ‘Send the crowd to the villages and farms around here. They need to find a place to stay and something to eat. There is nothing in this place. It is like a desert!’​ Jesus answered, ‘You give them something to eat.’​ But they replied, ‘We have only five small loaves of bread and two fish. If we are going to feed all these people, we will have to go and buy food.’

There were about five thousand men in the crowd.​ Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Have the people sit in groups of fifty.’ They did this, and all the people sat down.  Jesus took the five loaves and the two fish. He looked up toward heaven and blessed the food. Then he broke the bread and fish and handed them to his disciples to give to the people.​ Everyone ate all they wanted. What was left over filled twelve baskets.

This week Mrs Meredith and Miss Scott led our Acts of Worship on the themes of care and unity. Mrs Meredith spoke about Jesus feeding the 5000 and caring for the people who were there and all the good deeds we have done in school to care for our local community. We wrote down our good deeds which we have done/will do for others which will be made into a display in school. Some of these included:

“Helping my brother learn to ride a bike”

“Helping my siblings get ready for school”

“Making someone a brew”

Miss Scott explained to us the importance of working as a team using the example of Saints Peter and Paul from The Bible, and setting us a fun challenge in which one person had to draw a symbol being described by another student. We were set the mission of giving our classmates a compliment throughout the day to remind ourselves that we are all part of one community.

Events from around the Diocese:

A reminder – Relax & Revise: Free Weekend away for Sixth Formers

The Nottingham Diocesan Catholic Youth Service residential retreat centre, The Briars, will be holding an open Sixth Form retreat, to book go to

28th February – 1st March sees our very first open ‘Revise and Relax’ weekend where you can come and stay here FOR FREE and be supplied with awesome food, great company and as much tea as you can drink! You’ll have chance to access workshops on prayer, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation – if you want them – or just be able to spend some time revising away from distractions.’

Thoughts from Pope Francis (Social Media):

Just like in our Acts of Worship this week, Pope Francis on his Twitter encouraged us to care for each other and have unity …

“The Document on Human Fraternity, signed one year ago, has written a new page in the dialogue between religions and people of good will. As brothers and sisters, we want to say “no” to violence, and together promote peace, life, and religious freedom.”