Lay Chaplain’s Catholic Life Blog – Edition 3

Will Cruddace, Lay Chaplain
Will Cruddace
(Lay Chaplain for Burton-on-Trent and Swadlincote)

Welcome to Edition 3 of the Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic Life Blog by Will Cruddace, Lay Chaplain for Burton-on-Trent and Swadlincote.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am Will Cruddace, Lay Chaplain for Blessed Robert Sutton, Holy Rosary and St Edward’s Catholic schools. As part of my job role, I also represent the local parish with Fr Neil Peoples.

Reflection on ‘Theme of the Week’

This week our theme of the week is ‘Inspire’. One group of young people that have really inspired me this week were our Year 11’s who competed in the largest public speaking contest in the country on Monday.

I had the pleasure of hearing them rehearse in the chapel before they left, and hearing their raw talent and passion for what they were doing truly inspired me. These four incredible young people showed such immense courage and then went on to win the competition, which they deserved so much!

Sometimes when we think of people who inspire us it can be easy to think of celebrities or characters in films who have done great things that everyone knows about. But actually it’s the “normal” people in our lives who do extraordinary things than can be the most inspiring, who inspires you in your life?

News from the Chaplaincy Team

This week in the Chaplaincy Team, we split ourselves into teams that will work to improve the Catholic Life at Blessed Robert Sutton via 3 different streams; The Social Stream, The Liturgy Stream and The Charity Stream.

The Social Stream will work to provide more opportunities to make the Chapel a more enjoyable place that students will want to go to through a variety of both social and prayer opportunities at lunchtimes and before school.

The Liturgy team will work to evaluate Acts of Worship and lead the school in the delivery of Student-lead Acts of Worship in the future. They will also be working on our form time prayer resources and making them as enjoyable and engaging as possible!

The Charity Stream will be choosing a Charity soon to raise money for in a variety of different ways. This will be a local charity which will give our students the opportunity to share our values with and have an impact on our community

Events from around the Parish

We are beginning to organise the Confirmation Programme for 2020 in St. Peter and Paul’s Swadlincote and St. Joseph the Worker, Burton parishes.

If you would like to be confirmed, please contact myself via school, or Fr Neil via the parishes. You must be secondary school age and have received your First Holy Communion.

The ‘Year of the Word’ – How has this affected Blessed Robert Sutton this week?

This week we have continued to use the Year of The Word prayer resources in form time. Students have said they are really enjoying this opportunity to explore scripture in a slightly different way!