Face Mask/Covering Update

Face Mask/Covering Update

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, we are able to update our Covid safety plans. Students will no longer have to wear masks in classrooms from Monday 17th May but may choose to wear them if they wish.

Students must continue to wear face coverings in corridors, whist lining up for Roll Call and on public transport to and from school.

We will insist that all visitors to the school wear masks.  Should there be a rise in Covid cases, the Local Authority may advise the reintroduction of face coverings for students or staff for a temporary period in response to particular localised outbreaks, including variants of concern.  All other Covid safety precautions remain in place until at least 21st June. When the next lockdown announcement is made in June, and if the national Covid restrictions are removed, we intend to return to our normal, pre-Covid, operations as soon as we can afterwards. This announcement is expected on 14th June and we hope to be able to return to our normal day plans, rooming and timetable by the start of July at the latest, although some Covid restrictions may be removed earlier.

Lateral Flow Tests (LFT)

The guidance continues to be that students test themselves at home twice weekly and if there is a positive LFD test, you are expected to get a PCR test as soon as possible. This is to avoid the number of false positives that can occur when taking a LFT.

Please ensure you read the instruction sheets to know how to report to the Department of Health when you have either a positive or a negative test. There is no need to inform school unless there is a positive result. Please note that there have been incidents of false positives when testing within 30 minutes of eating so please try to avoid testing in this timeframe.

Uniform Policy

We are aware, however, that some students have been hiding nose studs under their masks. As of 17th May, these need to be removed. The school Uniform Policy is very clear that no piercings other than one small ear stud per ear lobe are allowed. The rules are clear and have been clear for over ten years, so should not be a barrier to your child from learning.

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support. It has been a difficult year for us all and we are very grateful for the support we have received from the BRS Community.