Key worker and vulnerable children

From the 15th June, we will be providing ‘some face to face support’ for Year 10. They have also changed the guidance regarding ‘Vulnerable’ students, so we now ‘encourage’ all vulnerable students to attend. This will increase the number of students and staff who are attending school. As such from 15th June we are having to change the way we provide provision for our Vulnerable students and children of Critical Workers. We are going to introduce these changes from the 15th June.

  • A number of social distancing measures have been put in place by the school.
  • On entering the building, students will be asked to wash their hands whilst maintaining social distancing.
  • Students will be taught in groups smaller than the maximum of 15 recommended by the DfE and will be taught on desks spaced 2 metres apart.

From 15th June – 

  • Students should arrive in school 5 minutes prior to their start time at 8.25am.  They will be asked to line up outside on the yard, using the markings on the floor to ensure a 2 metre distance. Students will be collected from the yard by their teacher. Students will be welcomed by their teachers and taken to their classrooms for the morning. 
  • On entering the building, students will be asked to wash their hands whilst maintaining social distancing.
  • In their classrooms, staff will welcome the young people and then play a short health and safety video to make clear the steps we are asking students to take to ensure both their own safety and the safety of    others.
  • Any student attending school must be in school uniform – except for a tie and blazer.
  • Students will be provided with a pen and a book for their lessons.
  • At the end of the lesson, these materials will be taken in and stored safely, until the students’ next day in school. Students do need to bring their own equipment into school.
  • Students are advised to bring in their own food and drink. If a child is in receipt of Free School Meals they will be offered the option of a grab bag. If a child is unable to bring in their own food and drink they will be offered the option to purchase a grab bag. Students should only bring these items in a suitable bag and do not need to bring any other equipment.
  • Students are welcome to wear face masks on their journey to school, at break time and moving around the school site. However, we will follow DfE guidance that asks students not to wear face masks in the classroom.
  • We recommend that students walk or ride their bike to school where possible.  Limited public buses will be running and seating capacity of these buses is limited to 9 passengers.
  • Whilst in school staff will support children in completing work set by subject teachers via Firefly.  We will also supplement these resources with narrated resources.

You need to inform the school of the days that you want your child to attend. You can do this by: