Adolescent Vaccination Session – Thursday 6th May 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian

Your child is due their vaccination to protect against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).  This is offered in year 8 as part of the national immunisation programme and is free on the NHS.

This vaccine requires two doses; the second dose is given 6 – 24 months after the first.  If your child is 15-17 years old when they receive the first dose they will require 3 doses.  The team will advise you of the dates the 3 doses are required.

More information regarding these vaccinations can be accessed through the links below, please ensure that you read the information contained in the links below prior to booking an appointment and giving consent for your child’s immunisations. You must have parental responsibility or delegated authority to consent for the vaccinations.

Electronic Consent  – The School Age Immunisation Team is moving to electronic consents for the Adolescent vaccination programmes.  The use of e-Consent is quicker and easier to use, and can be completed on any electronic device. 

Click on this link   to complete the consent form.  

You will need this code BRSHPV1 which identifies your child’s school 

Please complete the e-consent form by 1pm Wednesday 5th May 2021

Please ensure that you complete and submit your child’s consent form promptly, whether you wish your child to be immunised or not and only submit one consent form per child. If you have any concerns or would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Immunisation Team on 03001240366 or email 

If your child has already received these immunisations, please contact us at or call 0300 124 0366 to advise.