Acting Headteacher Update – 7th May

A prayer for VE Day

From the Act of Commitment for Peace

Lord God our Father,
we pledge ourselves to serve you and all humankind, in the cause of peace,
for the relief of want and suffering,
and for the praise of your name.
Guide us by your Spirit;
give us wisdom;
give us courage;
give us hope;
and keep us faithful now and always.

VE day

Remember that VE Day is coming up. This marked the end of War in Europe in 1945, and was celebrate with street parties across Britain. They were celebrating the end of their hardship and sacrifice. In my message to pupils today I have mentioned that whilst we may not physically be together on that day, they should make sure they are maintaining contact with friends and family however they can. We need to make sure we maintain a sense of community and support despite the fact we cannot physically be there for one another. 

To celebrate VE Day Mr Davies-Tagg has put together a VE Day Super Curriculum of ideas your child may wish to look into –

Happy Newsletter

If you haven’t already please do read our happy news – In collaboration with our wonderful students – Miss Crowther (Curriculum Leader for Art) and Miss Scott (Year Leader for Year 8) have created our 1st of Issue of the Happy Newsletter. Whether you are a teacher, carer, parent or sibling I hope you find this newsletter can provide you and those around you with a little bit of happiness and positivity at this time.

We know that being stuck at home can be a challenge and our staff are working incredibly hard to ensure that all our pupils have lots of things to do to keep busy.

Skills Toolkit

Another resource that has become available which provides pupils with something completely different is the Skills Toolkit. Keen to develop your employability skills? The Skills Toolkit includes a long list of courses and resources that your child may want to access to help them not only in the future. The Skills Toolkit is an online learning platform created by the Department of Education which has a wealth of free courses aimed at the beginner to the more advance learner (that includes parents and carers!). Courses on offer cover topics like everyday maths, the use of email and social media at work to more advanced training. The courses are flexible so that people can work through them at their own pace.

The Skills Toolkit can be accessed here:


Just a reminder that our Wellbeing resources are updated each week with useful links and resources to help pupils during difficult time – all resources can be accessed via the main menu on Firefly.

If you are worried about you child and want some help and support from us, please don’t hesitate to email your child’s Year Leader and we will ensure that someone from our Achievement and Inclusion Team makes contact with you.

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From all of us at BRS, thank you for your support,

Laura O’Leary