Acting Headteacher Update – 29th April 2020 (including Letter on Reading & Therapy Dogs)

Good morning everyone – given the world pandemic we are currently in the middle of, we wanted to be able to share with you some good news today, following our consultation and moving forward with parental support, the Governors have agreed to the concept of working with Reading and Therapy dogs in school. Blessed Robert Sutton have made the decision to introduce two Reading and Therapy dogs to the school from September 2020.

You can read further details in the attached letter:

Let us introduce you to our school dogs. They will soon be familiar faces around school! 

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Laura O’Leary

Meet Mrs Wilson’s puppy and the newest member of the Blessed Robert Sutton team, Hugo Wilson.

Hugo is a 10 week old Black Labrador. He is playful, enjoys having his belly rubbed and loves food. He is growing quickly but loves to sit on Mrs Wilson’s knee for a cuddle.

Hugo came to live with Mrs Wilson a few weeks ago and originally he was going to have a different name but he came from the breeder with his name and he answers to it so we didn’t want to confuse him.

He will be popping into school soon to get a feel for the place before he is ready to start working with students. Like all our lovely students Hugo will be going to school, Puppy School, to help him become an awesome school dog.

Joining Hugo will be our newest recruit – an 8 week old Cocker Spaniel.

His ‘dog-mum’ is called Panda and he comes from a line of champion winning dogs. His litter is ‘The best in show litter’. This puppy’s ‘dog-dad’ works as a Therapy and Reading dog.  Several dogs from this breeder have already become School or Therapy dogs. He has been carefully picked with much guidance from the breeder for his temperament and his coat, so we think he is going to be a great recruit. Like Hugo he will be going to Puppy School where they will be working towards a range of awards including the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award as well as their accreditation as Therapy dogs. But – we do need students help in picking out a name for him.

Further details to be shared on Firefly.