Acting Headteacher Update – 22nd May

Dear Parent and Carers

I want to bring you up to date with several things before the bank holiday weekend, in particular our planning for some students to return to school before the end of the summer term.

On Sunday 10 May, the Prime Minister announced that the Government believes it may be in a position to implement a phased approach to reopening schools from Monday 1 June, starting with children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, then progressing to Year 10 and Year 12. This is a part of the Government’s conditional plan, which will remain under regular review. It is important that we communicate with you to let you know of our plans, once they are developed and in order to answer the many questions you may have.

It is important to note that schools are currently legally closed and only open to provide childcare for the children of critical workers, i.e. those children that have already been attending school so that their parents can provide frontline services, and vulnerable children. We know that many of you will also have the pressures of your own return to work and managing childcare but ask for your understanding and support as we continue to prioritise these key groups. The safest place for children, at the current time, is still at home.

During our planning for how we should open and operate once again, you can rest assured we will continue to have the highest regard for your child’s health and safety. We are working with Trust leaders and local authority representatives to develop the most sensible and workable solutions. In the meantime, we ask for your cooperation, patience and support.

We will endeavour to keep you informed of developments as soon as possible; particularly parents of those pupils in Year 10, who will be returning to school first. At this time we are still waiting for further scientific advice and more detail about secondary school reopening. A further update is due from the Government on the 28th May, when further decisions and scientific review will give further information about the reopening of schools and allow us to share a date with you for when Year 10s will be able to return to school.

Our home learning resources will continue whilst we are in a transition to be fully open; again we know that for those year groups not yet mentioned by the Government for a planned return to school, this will be frustrating and we will do all we can to provide high-quality work. We will continue to put your child’s interests first in our decision making and enact the national guidance the very best we can.

I am proud of the quality and the creativity of work shown so far by our students and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in ensuring that our students continue to do their work.

And finally: Next week (week commencing 25th May) is half term. In a normal year, this would be a time when Year 11 and Year 13 would be revising intensely and the exams starting to kick in. There would be leaving assemblies, yearbooks and shirt signing. Half term is usually the calm before the storm of exams.

We are sad not to be doing these ‘normal’ things and we are all missing being with our young people. We do hope you can enjoy a little more freedom in the coming weeks and I hope that we are able to welcome some of our students back shortly after half term.

Thank you for your continued support; as always, should you need to contact us then please do so.

Laura O’Leary
Acting Headteacher