Acting Headteacher Update – 20th May

As I have mentioned previously schools the government’s plan for reopening schools is still conditional and by no means certain. Schools will only begin a phased reopening if “the 5 key tests set by government” are being met. We are awaiting on further guidance from the Government to this regard. The Government will decide if the ‘5 key tests’ have been met on 28th May after which we will hopefully be able to share with you a date for beginning some face to face contact as soon as we safely do so. I have been fortunate to be extensively involved in East Staffs-wide work around the potential reopening of schools.  I meet with the Trust twice a week as well as with headteachers from local secondary schools. I can categorically state that the overriding priority of Headteachers, Local Authority and our Trust is the safety of staff and students and we are very much adopting a collegiate approach to the situation we find ourselves in.  Cautious plans are being developed that can be scaled up if necessary.  I think this is an important local narrative that needs to be considered alongside all the national debate that is unfolding.  

Our three key areas of focus over the next few weeks:

Our three key areas of focus over the next few weeks:

  1. Ensuring that school is as safe as it can possibly be before staff and any students return. We will comply with all national guidance and will be transparent with staff and parents in terms of all we have and will continue to do in this regard.
  2. Developing the best possible plan for Year 10 to safely support their online learning with time in school if possible. Our aim is to begin some face to face contact as soon as we safely do so. Careful planning is ongoing in this regard. Parents of Year 10 should read the letter issued last week here: Parents/Carers of Year 10 – Letter (May 2020)
  3. Understanding that for the majority of students in our school, those in Year 7, 8 and 9, (as well as those in Y11 and 13 who were due to sit exams this summer) we will not see them in school until September. I appreciate the demands and worries this brings and these students continue to occupy much of my thinking. As such as well as continuing to provide high quality on line learning resources we will supplement these in the weeks to come with additional support to complete home learning, regular check ins with all students and where possible more interactive resources and activities.

I am looking to run a Parents Forum over MS Teams:

In this forum I am interested in seeking out further ways we can support our pupils whilst working remotely. If you would like to attend this meeting please email

Finally, our 3rd Edition of our BRS Happy Newspaper is out – if you haven’t done so already please do check it out here:

I will write to you again tomorrow as usual.

Laura O’Leary