New PE Kit – Letter to Parents

Dear Parent/ Carer

We have been reviewing our school PE kit with the support of the school clothing provider ‘Clothing4Schools’ as we are seeking to modernise our kit with the use of a more comfortable fabric which holds its shape and colour better but also remains cost effective. Please click here to visit Clothing4Schools website.

Having consulted staff, students and parents and gone back to the designer’s with their suggestions you can now see our redesigned PE kit on the website by visiting and on display in our entrance hall.

The new kit will only be compulsory for the new Year 7 students joining the school in September 2017 as we recognise that some of you may have only recently bought your child’s present kit. However, the new PE kit will be available for students of all year groups who may need to purchase new kit during the next academic year and will then become compulsory for all students at the school from September 2018.

The current PE kit is still available to view on the school website alongside the new one for anyone who may want to purchase the new kit.

Yours sincerely

Liz Goddard
Head of PE